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Our gourmet caramel apples, gourmet strawberries, and truffles are out of this world! We have 9 signature apples & always offer an "Apple of the month." We offer 4 creme fillings to stuff into our strawberries (orange creme, chocolate chip creme, cheesecake & black raspberry creme). Our truffles are offered mostly during holidays, but we do offer them when requested.

Boxed product

Chocolate-covered Strawberries $2 each
Milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzle

Creme-filled Strawberries $2.25 Each
Choice of orange creme, chocolate chip creme, black raspberry creme

Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberries $3 each
Strawberry enrobed in milk chocolate then stuffed with cheesecake and drizzled with milk chocolate

Gourmet apples

All apples are granny smith, dipped in caramel and adorned with the corresponding topppings.

Apple Crisp $7.75
White chocolate, sugar and spices

Buckeye $10.50
Buckeye candy mix, milk chocolate

Cookies 'n' Creme $8.50
White chocolate, cookies

Snickers $8.75
Snickers candy bar, milk chocolate

M&M $8.75
M&M's candy, milk chocolate

Johnny's $10.75
Brownie, milk chocolate, caramel

Salty Caramel $7.75
Sea salt, milk chocolate

Rocky Road $9.75
Milk chocolate, marshmallows, walnuts

Chocolate Peanut $8.75
Milk chocolate, peanuts

You Da Best Bacon $11.50
Bacon, milk chocolate


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